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We are dedicated to deliver top notch “VM” and “Linux on System z” consulting, training, and VM software to our clients. We pledge to deliver value with care, professionalism and excellence.


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VM RESOURCES LTD. has been providing VM mainframe consulting, training, and software since 1989.


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Our Exciting z/VM Training Offerings


Here are some comments from our clients:

“David has been engaged as a consultant providing architecture services, technical work, and coaching of our staff new to z/VM and linux on system z. David has been a tremendous asset in the success of our large deployment of linux on system z.”

Marc Plamondon Mainframe Software Manager DGTIC Province of Quebec

“The ‘Linux on System Z Workshop’ course was an excellent course. I learned a lot in both the lectures and labs. David is a subject matter expert and an energetic instructor. Nice course!”

Janice Calder, Manager, Operations Information and Technology Services Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Quote on SHARE presentation 9231 “Building a Strong z/VM and Linux Architecture on the MF” Tampa Florida February 2007:

“Excellent presentation!; Probably most passionate speaker and presentation at SHARE; Amazing!”

David Kreuter with Statue David Kreuter with DGTIC team
David Kreuter with statue David Kreuter with DGTIC team


Message from David Kreuter, founder and president:

“I believe that VM is a great operating system and computing platform. We have been providing VM and VSE consulting and training since 1989. In 2000 we introduced our first VM software products: the VM/MailSever and VM/LinMan. VM/MailServer provides a complete POP3 server on VM. VM/LinMan is a systems management tool for Linux under VM.

We continue to provide consulting and training to the worldwide VM community.

Our goal is to be known as the go to source for z/VM and Linux on system z consulting and training! We know that VM is (and always has been) a great server. VM is a mature operating system, and provides the stability of a proven platform. Linux adds a new dimension to z/VM providing a great set of popular applications.

In early 2002 we started the VMR Assembler Project. The VMR Assembler Project is designed to provide senior assembler programmers for any requirements in this most technical of areas to our client base.

Also in 2002 we launched two new support offerings: VMR/Remote Standard and VMR/Remote Deluxe. These offerings provide seamless 24×7 VM support to our clients through telecommuting. It’s a great way to ensure that you are covering all your VM technical programming needs.

Please watch this space as we are expecting to announce some unique VM training offerings in the near future.



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