z/VM and Linux on System z Architecture Seminar

This seminar is 1 day in length. It is designed to provide a high level overview of the architecture features and design criteria for using a z/VM mainframe for large scale hosting of virtual Linux servers. The seminar is presented though lectures and demos. No lab activity is planned for this seminar. It is intended for an audience of systems analysts, network planners, system architects, managers and personnel with an interest in an overview of the platforms capabilities.

z/VM: 30+ years of virtualization
Virtualization Trends and Directions
Understanding mainframes: CPs, LPARs, IFLs
Understanding z/VM virtual networks: guest lans, virtual switches and hipersockets
Resource sharing of memory, CPU, and I/O
Serving applications and data through linux servers
Planning the z/VM system zones
Managing and administering the z/VM and linux world
Securing the z/VM fortress and its linux inhabitants
Integration into current networks and server environments
Why large scale linux hosting on z/VM is a good choice
Sample scenarios

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